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Skylight Installation

More and more homeowners recognize the benefits of skylights and are investing in these valuable home features. The natural light brought in by skylights enhances a home’s atmosphere while still maintaining privacy. Also, skylights reduce the need for electric lighting, saving energy and money. 

However, it’s critical to hire a dependable roofing company that installs top-quality skylights. Installing a skylight requires a high level of expertise and knowledge. If done improperly, your skylight will be open to roof leaks and water damage. A skylight installation can be a costly project, so make sure you don’t cut corners. Hire a reputable roofing company near you that installs superior skylight systems. 

Castro Roofing, a trusted, certified Southwestern Ohio roofing company, offers high-quality skylight installations produced by Velux, a long-standing leader in the window industry. Velux offers several skylight options and accessories, most notably the no-leak skylight secured by a 10-year installation warranty.

Facts Regarding Skylights

There are many myths regarding skylights. To clear up some common misconceptions, we’ve listed a few facts about skylights below:

  • Skylights last between 7-15 years: This is true, but only when you have a skilled contractor install a superior skylight. Quality is important for any skylight service.
  • Skylights increase your home’s resale value: Like any home addition, skylights also improve the overall monetary value of your home. But there are other benefits beyond this as well, such as improved lighting, and depending on the skylight, ventilation. 
  • A leaking skylight is not inevitable: A leaking skylight can happen to anyone, but modern skylights are less prone to leaks than older ones. The initial skylight installation is also a factor in whether or not a leak will occur.
  • Skylights cannot be installed on all types of roofing: While it is unfortunate, it’s a fact all roofers are aware of. Skylights fit very well onto some types of roofing, but they cannot be installed onto every roof. The roofing structure must be able to support the installation of a skylight.

Skylights are a great addition to any home or business. Leave it to Castro Roofing to install a top-quality skylight onto your roof. We’ll determine whether or not a skylight is compatible with your roof, then work hard to properly install it for you.



We inspect roofs in your
portfolio, and grade them on an
A to F scale. You’ll get video and
photo documentation for any
potential problems.


We can inspect quarterly,
semiannually, or once per year.
Older buildings or roofs already
in bad condition should have
surveys done frequently.


In order to prevent leaks you
must understand how your roof
is aging. Routine maintenance
helps reduce leaks and save

Skylight Options

Velux has several different types of skylights available. Whether you’re in need of additional ventilation or improved lighting, Castro Roofing provides various Velux skylight options.

  • Electric venting skylight: Overhead skylight that brings in abundant natural light and allows homeowners to open the skylight via remote. This skylight also closes automatically when it rains.
  • Manual venting skylight: An economical overhead or in-reach skylight with manual controls for ventilation.
  • Fixed skylight: A fixed overhead skylight that provides natural light for areas that don’t require ventilation.
  • Roof windows: In-reach installations for finished attics or above-garage rooms.
  • Velux SUN TUNNEL™ skylight: A skylight ideal for small spaces, where only natural light is required or where the skylight shaft length needs to be more than 4 feet. SUN TUNNEL™ skylights capture daylight from all angles.

If you have any questions regarding Velux skylights, sun tunnels, or roof windows, our experts would be happy to answer them.

Skylight Accessories

When you hire Castro Roofing for a skylight replacement or installation, we offer the option for Velux skylight accessories as well. This includes skylight blinds, remotes, and wall-mounted keypads. Several options are available for blinds, such as solar blinds, blackout blinds, Venetian blinds, and roller blinds.


You choose dependability and efficiency when hiring Castro Roofing for a skylight installation. Our roofing professionals are willing to do what it takes to get your job done right. Furthermore, Castro Roofing has you covered with a 7-year workmanship warranty on top of Velux’s generous warranties. Castro Roofing will work with you and deliver the best service possible. 

We take a team-based approach to problem-solving, and as a result, we’ll provide you with the perfect solution. Castro Roofing specializes in roofing, gutters, and siding as well, so no home improvement project is too big for us. Castro Roofing provides solutions for our customers, our team members, and our community. We not only provide the best roofing services in the Greater Dayton area but we also build up our community. We’re a people-centric roofing company, and we’re driven to help you with all your roofing and other service-related needs. So hire Castro Roofing today to gain access to our unparalleled roofing, gutter, siding, and skylight services!


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